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Did you know UV causes 40% of  your fading?
The good thing...
ALL our films filter out 99% UV rays
FACTOID #1: "Tint n Trim's" window films have special ULTRA -VIOLET   absorber that
will reject at least 99% of the solar UV light between 320 to 380 nanometers, as well as a
percentage of heat and light. LLumar is one of the only
manufacture's that put the UV inhibitor in the adhesive as well as in the film to protect the
film itself.

FACTOID #2 As a general rule , fading is caused by 40% UV light, 25% visible light, 25%
heat and 10%  miscellaneous rays, as seen in the chart above.
The right window film will decrease all three of these elements effectively, reducing fading
around 70%

FACTOID #3 Natural fibers like silk  and wool are less fade resistant than manmade
polyester synthetic fibers.

FACTOID #4 UV light bounces of solid objects, such as adjacent homes, buildings, trees,
streets etc. Regardless of UV direction, you can have a fading problem.

FACTOID #5 Films do not stop fading- they REDUCE fading substantially.

FACTOID #6 UVC is filtered out by the ozone layer, UVB is screened by glass (280-320
nanometers), UVA (320-380 nanometers) is screened by 99% by
window film.

FACTOID # No window film company can totally eliminate fading.

FACTOID#8 Shades and blinds ABSORB heat and act as radiators. Window film rejecs
heat upon impact of glass.
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reduce fading with window film save energy uv protection and glare
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Heat, bright light
and UV light are filtered by
a near ivisible film
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