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Frequently Asked Questions
window tinting & decorative films
1. Can I afford window film? Most of our
customers have been surprised at how
inexpensive window film is compared to
window treatments.

2. Will window film darken my room? Or will I
lose my view?
No, and No... As you  can see below, this film is
very light  and yet very effective, while keeping
the view and allowing enough light in the home.

3. Can I clean my glass the same way I used to?
Yes, refer to the
maintenance page. Just no
abrasives. Will my tint peel or bubble?

4. Does window film peel or bubble? No, If the
window film is installed by a trained, experience
installer, there is no reason window film should
detach from the glass.

5. How long does an installation take? Most
installs take under 3 hours. An entire home
rarely takes more that a full day.

6. Is there a warranty? Yes, all work done by
"Tint N Trim" is warranted by the manufacture
for life. The warranty covers any kind of
product failure, part and labor. This includes,
peeling, bubbling, discoloration, de-
lamination, and cracking.
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